Nov 232019

Pastor Doug McMurray went home to be with the Lord on November 17, 2019  in Vancouver, WA. He was 77 years old. He leaves behind his wife, Sandy, and his children and grandchildren.  

Doug evangelized in the northern states and pastored five churches. In spite of an enlarged heart, with a heart murmur (leaky valve) due to having had rheumatic fever in his youth, he led a very active life filled with effort and zeal. He had numerous friends in many cities. About a month ago he was able to visit Oak Point Community Church in Longview, WA where he pastored for five years. 

According to Doug’s wife, Sandy, funeral services will be held on Friday, December 6th at 4:00 p.m. at the Holiness Campground on Covington Road in Vancouver, WA. 

Sandy related, “There will be lots of live music and a potluck afterwards; just what Doug asked for. A wonderful happy Graduation Day. Hope to see you there.” 

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