The Rapture and the End by Renus Cabe


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Many Christians are intrigued by theories and questions regarding the end of time.
• When will the world, as we know it, end?
• What will the end time be like?
• What will happen to both godly and ungodly people?

A popular teaching is that the Lord may return at any time, and that the godly dead will be resurrected and living believers will be “raptured” (caught up) with them. It is further believed that confusion will take place on earth as multitudes disappear. A popular series of books is based on this belief. But is all of this so? Is it an accurate account of scriptural teachings?

What does the Bible say about end time events? When will the rapture take place? Is it pre-millennial or post-millennial? Is it pre-tribulation or post-tribulation? Author Renus Cabe discusses these questions and related subjects with an analysis of relevant scriptures.

About Renus Cabe

Renus Cabe was born in the little Cascade Mountains town of Darrington, Washington. He served in the United States Marine Corps in World War Two, spending 27 months in the South Pacific. He was not a Christian when he was discharged at the end of the war in September 1945.

On September 1, 1946, he received Christ as his Savior. Four months later he was in Bible College preparing for the ministry. He graduated from Simpson Bible Institute (now Simpson University, Redding California) in 1950 and began a pastoral apprenticeship at Bethel Temple in Seattle, Washington.

Renus was greatly interested in missions. So, in 1951, he worked as a sailor on a surplus navy boat sold to Indonesia. There he visited with missionaries and traveled in ministry in Java and Sumatra. His interest in missions has continued and he has visited Indonesia 5 times and also has ministered in Japan and Singapore. In addition, he taught at a Bible College in Bulgaria.

He traveled one year in evangelistic ministry and then spent 2 years developing his teaching ministry at a suburban Chicago church.

In 1955 he returned to Seattle, Washington, and became one of the pastors at Bethel Temple. He remained there for 31 years and was Dean of Bethel Temple Bible School. For many years he served as Chairman of a ministerial fellowship. Renus also was the camp director for 34 years of Bethel Youth Camp, which he helped to found in 1954, and New Life Camp.

Renus also edited Bethel Temple’s PENTECOSTAL POWER for many years.

After years of pastoral and teaching ministry, Renus is very concerned for believers today as we approach the end of the age. His first book, THE RAPTURE AND THE END, is his attempt to provide a concise outline of end time events, comparing popular teachings with the Bible.

Today Renus lives in Bothell, Washington, with his wife, El Tora, and remains active in ministry. Highlights of his retirement years are seeing his students active in ministry and encounters with former youth camp attendees.

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