Sep 262014

tabernacleBethel Fellowship International has just added studies in The TABERNACLE written by W. W. Patterson in 1975. The study book of notes was supplied by Gary & LaRue Barnes from their personal library in Cordova, Alaska. It has been scanned page-by-page with color illustrations and made available to you here in PDF format.

For over 40 years Brother Patterson taught the subject of the Tabernacle and used the notes in this downloadable publication. The reader will find additional notes on subjects such as Manna, Leaven, Covenants, Cherubim, the Door, the Sword of the Lord and the Cloud that directly relate to the Tabernacle.

The inside page indicates that Brother Patterson wrote several other Bible studies including: Bible Treasures in Daniel and Revelation, Speaking in Tongues — Sign and Gift,  Great Themes of the Bible, Notes on the Gospel of John, Notes on the Holy Spirit, Notes on the Book of Ruth and Notes on the Pauline Epistles.

BFI does not have any of the above titles available, except for Speaking in Tongues — Sign and Gift, which can be found in the Bethel Book Room in PDF format for easy downloading.

Click here to download the PDF file — The TABERNACLE by W. W. Patterson 




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