Mar 242015

JZinnBethel Fellowship International is excitedly looking forward to its 2015 Ministerial Conference to be held at Bethel Chapel at Mountlake Terrace on Friday~Saturday, May 1~2. Our keynote speaker this year will be Bible teacher, author and artist Dr. Jay Zinn. We encourage any and all who have ties to old Bethel Temple to make plans to attend. All will be welcomed.

In your preparation for attending the conference this year, you may want to purchase a copy of Zinn’s just-published book COUNTDOWN TO ETERNITY: A Concise Account of Revelation’s Events Leading Up to The Second Coming. Order by clicking on this link:

dickbenjaminIn a telephone conversation with former protege of Bethel Temple’s W. H. Offiler and pioneer of the Anchorage Abbott Loop Christian Center, Dick Benjamin recently commented on this year’s conference keynote speaker. Click audio link here:






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