Apr 032015

floydALICEWith a little more than three weeks left before BFI’s 2015 Ministers Conference, BFI President Floyd Earlywine and his wife, Alice, both urge anyone who plans on attending to, by all means, make an effort to purchase and begin reading this year’s keynote speaker, Jay ZINN‘s book beforehand.

Published early this year, the book is titled COUNTDOWN TO ETERNITY: A Concise Account of Revelation’s Events Leading Up to The Second Coming. The book can be ordered by clicking on the highlighted link above.

Floyd & Alice say of the book: Anyone who desires to get a Biblical perspective of where we are and who the players are from a Biblical view needs to read this book. It just may ignite a fire under some to share the Lord with this generation. You and I may be gone but the younger generation may well go through things we can not fathom. We need to remind people that the Bible is not a historical book that shows what happened in the past, but it is a glimpse at right now and the future. Remember Brother W. W. Patterson always said, “The Bible is as up to date as today’s newspaper.”

countdown1Please encourage your congregants to make an effort to attend this very timely and important conference. The conference is open to the public, especially church workers. Also, you can order the book beforehand by clicking on this link: COUNTDOWN TO ETERNITY by Jay Zinn.

An amazon.com five-star review of the book says, “Dr. Jay Zinn is destined to become a Best Seller. He’s a theologian extraordinaire who clearly and concisely explains what’s going to happen at the Second Coming. Unless you’re a world-class expert on eschatology, you must read this book if you desire a deeper understanding of Revelation. He weaves wit, wisdom, and scholarly hermeneutics into an excellent read. Buy it.”

Details of the conference are as follows:



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