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While I’m sensing this is going to be a monumental year ahead of us, on multiple fronts, for the advancement of God’s kingdom in and through our lives, the enemy will not cease in his relentless attempt to deceive and overtake the world through the three “isms” of National Socialism, Communism, and Islamism. All have the same antichristal goals to destroy western cultures that have been rooted in the Judeo-Christian principles of faith and submission to the true and only God. Of these three “isms” is the deadliest: the political ideology of “Islamism” wrapped in a deceptive sheep’s garment of claims among Western, moderate Muslims that it is a “peaceful religion.”

Since 911, I’ve been studying the history, roots and doctrines of the Islamic faith and the life of its prophet Mohammed. I have come to the conclusion that it is an ideology that Christians of the Western cultures can no longer ignore. The deception of Satan and his capacity to blind the minds of men and women is astounding when it comes to these three “isms.” Not only journalists, academia, politicians and government leaders have taken the bait, the churches of western civilizations have ignored and embraced the lie that it’s possible to “coexist” with Islam. This will not be the agenda of the Antichrist when his one world religion will culminate into the worship of no other god than himself. Islam foreshadows this very mindset and Christians will be led just as easily into accepting the Antichrist’s initial deception of religious tolerance until the day comes that tolerance applies only to his image and to observe the universal law to bow down and worship him.

There can be no other reasonable or logical explanation to comprehend how naive our non-Muslim world leaders have been to this emerging threat other than this: how powerful Satan’s ability is to deceive the human mind. Islam’s greatest tool and weapon (as is Satan’s) is the laziness, the ignorance, and the naiveté that westerners have, along with an insane ability to ignore history’s facts as to how these three “isms” have fared. The relentless-in our face-events of Islam’s jihad against all other societies and religions is the foundation and cornerstone of their religion-inherently based and rooted in the Koran and Mohammed’s teachings.

Does this scare me, or make me an Islamophobe? That’s what Satan has duped the world to believe who even dare use their brains to see things for what they really are. Remember what they said of Franklin Graham when he spoke the truth about Islam? No, I do not hate Muslims and I do not fear man. What I do hate and fear is the mass deception on the part of the saints. If the church swallows this lie, as she has done historically of socialism and communism, then she will set up the saints for apostasy when they run like lemmings over the cliff of political correctness.

We will never understand the geo-political struggle in the Middle East and we will never understand the Islamic terrorist events around the world until we understand Islam’s prime objective: absolute domination and subjugation of the world under Sharia law. We must understand this for our sakes, our country’s sake, and our children’s sake. As Christians we are admonished by God’s Word and Christ himself to “understand the times.” We need to understand that in our lifetime and our children’s lifetime, Islam will never be relegated again to some remote region in the Middle East where we can just ignore it and go about our lives. True Islam has been awakened out of its slumber and is having a revival to take Muslims back to their roots and the purest form of what Mohammed and his teachings represents. This remains and will continue to rise as the greatest threat of the twenty-first century to Europe, America, and all freedom-loving countries. Islam’s leverage has been handed over to her on a silver platter through the “dominating” culture of political correctness. PC has become Islam’s greatest ally to advance its holy war (jihad) in every form and way it can, especially through deception-one of its religiously sanctioned methods of jihad.

This year, 2016, will not just be a year where we hope to be set free from political corruption, no one future President can turn the tide of what has already enveloped the Middle East and, now, the EU. We’ve already been drinking the Kool-Aid and the only saving grace we have left is to first educate ourselves in this matter, but especially to hunker down in centering ourselves on Christ the One and Only true God and King who will bring peace to this world when he returns.

Let us not forget that what used to be thriving societies in the Middle East-many mostly Christian nations-are now Muslim. Europe used to be predominately Christian nations, too, but look at what National Socialism and Communism has done to suppress Christianity. Now their greatest foe is moving in, which tolerates nothing but absolute conversion, subjugation and domination through a theocratic ideology that is absolutely totalitarian. The rate of the Muslim population is rising so rapidly in Europe that it may-in the next generation-begin to look like the “Once-Christian-nations” do now in the Middle East-stripped of all other religions and artifacts and culture that reflects anything that has to do with Christianity. Churches gone. Christians gone. Replaced by prayer towers and Mosques.

House of War-jpgI urge you to make a New Year’s resolution to educate yourself in this matter. Of the many books I’ve read on this subject, I highly recommend this one: “House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World.” by G.M. Davis.

May the Lord bless your year, and increase your faith in the only true Prince of Peace…Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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