Sep 272016

GeorgeFrazier-RetouchBFI was informed this morning by a message from its missionary to Japan Mark Benton that his father-in-law, George FRAZIER has passed away. Mark’s message relates the following:

George Frazier, Bethel Temple missionary to Japan, passed away today, September 26. He had been hospitalized a couple of weeks ago, but recently was making a good recovery at a rehabilitation center. He had recently been in good spirits, joking with the staff like his usual self. This morning he died suddenly without pain or warning. 
Mary Beth is doing well. His daughter, Sharon had just visited him from Yakima this past weekend and was able to have some special time with him. George’s son, Dale is taking care of the details, but of course is in shock, though doing OK. 
George was my father-in-law, and I deeply love and respect him. We ask for your prayers for the family, though we are full of hope because we know that he is in the presence of our Lord. 
Details regarding a service will come soon.
George was preceded in death by his daughter Kathleen Marie Benton in January, 2013.
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