Jan 202017

It gives us pleasure to announce that Bob Brodland, former missionary-Bible teacher to Indonesia and pastor of old Bethel Temple, with the help of his son, Sam, and granddaughter Liz, has provided several of W. W. Patterson’s teaching material on a wide variety of subjects. The material includes subject matter such as the Pauline Epistles and The Holy Spirit. Perhaps Brother Patterson’s last publication, GREAT THEMES is also available in a 114-page pdf document. 

After these studies were made available, BFI notified its ministers, friends and churches about the material. We received the following responses of appreciation for the materials from as far away as Australia and South America.

⏤ Kevin & Rene Conner write: Thank you so much for W. W. Patterson’s notes. He was a great teacher. He came out to Australia so we heard him in the 1950s. We are praying for another outpouring of the Blessed Holy Spirit here. I believe there is a blowing in the mulberry trees. Praise God the greatest is yet to come. His Church shall rise up and we will see the fulfillment of all things. Glory to God.

⏤ Kerry Brewer, former Bethel Temple Bible School student now living in South America writes: Thank you so much our Bethel Book Room.

In the next few weeks more of Brother Patterson’s teaching material will also be made available. Be on the lookout for studies that will include: Three Days-Three Nights, The Anointing, Joseph, Manna and No Sinners in the Millennium.

In the meantime, why not drop by the Bethel Book Room and browse the shelves? Bethel Book Room is on the BFI Homepage Menu Bar where you are now reading this article. Click on the sixth link to the right of HOME and a sub-menu will appear that contains additional links to materials by familiar Bethel Temple names such Offiler, Patterson, Cabe, McKnight and Zinn. The Bible Chart of The Ages printed in 1946 is also listed.


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