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There is no need to tell you of the unbelievable or unthinkable destruction of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami last Friday, March 11, 2011 in northern Japan. The television news stations have been following the details very closely and keeping the world informed. Bethel Fellowship International (BFI) missionaries in Japan have kept us up-to-date with reports of how they are faring in this catastrophic reality. The hearts of many have begun failing. It is now time that Christians in Japan must stand up and boldly begin sharing God’s love to the distraught Japanese. God so loved the world that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to bridge the gap between man and God and re-establish fellowship with mankind. That is love. We have been chosen to carry, show, explain, and reveal the love of God to the lost and dying. That’s why BFI missionaries have gone to foreign lands around the globe, leaving everything behind: to show the love of God.

Mark & Kathleen Benton in the metropolitan area of Osaka-Kobe have reported that they are okay. The city in which they work is Nishinomiya and is located in the central area of Japan.
Nils & Andrea Olson, along with Jim & Tracy Xavier and their girls, who only arrived as new missionaries to work with the Olsons two months ago, are all okay. They are located on the southernmost island of Kyushu in the city of Munakata.
The Steve Wall Family, in the metropolitan area of Nagoya in Seto City, have reported that they are okay as well. Steve let us know that many are buying large water containers, charcoal and instant noodles. Stores in his area have even limited the purchase of instant noodles to only two per customer.

Pastor Yoshio TSUZAKA

BFI works along with Japan Bethel Mission (JBM) in the metropolitan Tokyo area. JBM was established under the leadership of former Bethel Temple missionaries to Japan Clyde & Yvonne Bade. Upon their return to the Seattle area, theirdisciple Pastor Yoshio Tsuzaka of the Fussa Bethel Christ Church was appointed JBM’s leader.

JBM includes these churches (click each for Google map location):

  • [popup url=”,+Tokyo,+Japan&z=13″]Fussa Bethel Christ Church (Tokyo);[/popup]
  • [popup url=”,+Iwate+Prefecture,+Japan&aq=0&sll=35.73845,139.326932&sspn=0.067578,0.152607&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Rikuzentakata,+Iwate+Prefecture,+Japan&z=11″]Rikuzen Takata Christ Church (Iwate Prefecture);[/popup]
  • [popup url=”,+Fukuoka+Prefecture,+Japan&aq=0&sll=39.015121,141.629487&sspn=0.258752,0.610428&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Kurume,+Fukuoka+Prefecture,+Japan&z=11″]Kurume Bethel Christ Church[/popup] and
  • [popup url=”,+Fukuoka+Prefecture,+Japan&aq=0&sll=33.319286,130.508374&sspn=0.278281,0.610428&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Munakata,+Fukuoka+Prefecture,+Japan&z=9″]Munakata Bethel Christian Center (Fukuoka Prefcture).[/popup]
  • Not members of JBM, but active BFI missionary/workers are: Mark & Kathleen Benton (Crossroads Church, Nishinomiya) and Steve Wall (Higashi Nagoya Parkside Chapel).

    BFI was notified early Saturday and Sunday by Japan Bethel Mission leader Pastor Tsuzaka with these very short notes:

    (March 12) Pastor Floyd: Thank you very much for your prayer. Our area is alright. But we have one JBM church in north Japan. That town is RIKUZEN TAKATA city. This city was flattened by the quake. I will call soon. Thank you. –Yoshio Tsuzaka

    (March 14) Olson sensei, Tamekichi & Emiko Morita are living. Yoshio Tsuzaka BFI feels the urgency to create an easy way for its members and friends of the Fellowship to offer financial help for the Rikuzen Takata (Bethel) Christ Church and its pastors, Tamekichi & Emiko Morita.

    Specified offerings for JBM Rikuzen Relief sent directly to BFI will be sent immediately to the JBM office in Tokyo where they will be used to aid the leadership and saints of the Rikuzen Takata Christ Church. Being cut off from all communication at this time, we cannot know in detail the exact needs except for immediate neccesities such as food, water, warm clothing, blankets, etc. The need is URGENT. As the Holy Spirit leads you, please consider becoming an active helper in this effort.

    There are two ways you can send financial aid:

    1. PayPal directly from your account to BFI by clicking the button below


    2. Send a check or money order payable to:
    Bethel Fellowship International
    c/o El Tora Cabe
    1121 244th St SW Unit 27
    Bothell WA 98021-8546.

    Be sure to specify in the MEMO: JBM Rikuzen Relief.

    BFI is a non-profit organization and will issue a tax deductible receipt at years end.

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