Mar 182011

Some very good news. I called Tsuzaka-sensei just a few minutes ago this evening to ask about the Moritas, pastors of the Rikuzen Takada Christ Church. He said he had not heard directly from them, but that he heard from Kumagai-sensei, who had left his city to go check on them, that they are both “genki.” However, Tsuzaka-sensei said he did not know the state of the church building, or church members and their properties.

How miraculously God worked the day of the earthquake-tsunami. The tidal wave stopped just 10 meters from their house, which houses not only the church, but the Morita’s living quarters as well.

The situation is still very tense. Tsuzaka-sensei related that people of the metropolitan area of Tokyo and Fukushima are concerned about the possibility of nuclear fallout.

Thank you again and again for your concern and prayers. Will keep in touch as much as possible.

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