Apr 142011

— This just in from Japan Bethel Mission’s head pastor, Yoshio TSUZAKA —

Pastor Tsuzaka and a team of four have just returned from earthquake-tsunami
stricken Rikuzantakada City, where the tidal wave stopped just 30 feet in front of
the JBM Rikuzentakada Christ Church.

In the following pictures, please notice especially the smaller one with the
arrow showing just where the church is located in comparison to the path of the
tidal wave took.

From: Yoshio Tsuzaka
Date: April 13, 2011 10:40:49 PM GMT+09:00
To: Olson Nils

Olson sensei
Thank you very much for your prayer.
Pastor Tamekichi & Emiko Morita are fine.
We met them and gave JBM’s offering.
And we brought many things.
Their needs are satisfied now.
We stayed one night in Hanamaki city in Iwate prefecture.
We came back safety to my home.
Thank you.

Yoshio Tsuzaka

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