Nov 222011

This just in! Direct news from Gary Barnes, pastor of Little Chapel in Cordova, Alaska:

On a positive note: We sent in the last payment on the new church building last week!  Praise God! This last year the Lord laid it upon the hearts of the people to give above and beyond anything I could imagine possible. It was like the multiplying of the loaves and fishes. Even the loan company was doing everything they could to help us get totally out of debt. Only the Lord can do stuff like that.

We actually paid off the loan 18 1/2 years EARLY! We really had a Praise and Worship time yesterday (Sunday, November 20th) when we announced this news to the congregation in morning service.

Now we will begin to save towards putting in an elevator to help the handicapped up and down the stairs.

The Lord already knows the need, and I’m sure He has plans to bless us soon.

— gary barnes

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