May 292012

From the Desk of Jay Zinn

In the last several weeks I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to lead a number of people into the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is so fun to watch when the Holy Spirit comes upon someone with His anointing that will change them forever. It did me, forty years ago. It dawned on me, recently, that I need to provide a tool that shows the method I use to facilitate people into this promise from God. It is a gift and so I help people a little with unwrapping their package.

Here are the notes, the chart I draw, and a recording of my personal testimony and what I share with everyone before I lay hands on them to receive the Holy Spirit upon them and watch them speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit enables them. I’ve had a 95-99% success rate with this approach and you can have it, too. Tailor-fit it to your story and then enjoy the experience with the candidate who wants to go further and deeper in their walk.

I will give you the links below to click on, but you can also find them on my website: under the “teachings” tab.

Read and study these excellent notes Jay Zinn has written. Holy Spirit Baptism

Read and examine the chart Jay Zinn draws for recipients. Spirit Baptism Chart

Listen to the recording of Jay Zinn’s testimony and talk (with the chart).

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