Mar 262013

Bethel Fellowship International has uploaded more message files from its founder, W. H. Offiler, into its Media Library. The PDF files were provided by Alice Earlywine and can be accessed easily for downloading, or simply reading online. You can access the library by clicking on the following link. The new files can be found simply by scrolling through the library contents. New files are titled as follows:

WHO Radio 1934

WHO Messages 1934

WHO Messages 1935

WHO Messages 1936

WHO Messages 1940

The link is:

offilerW. H. Offiler, the founding pastor of Seattle’s former BETHEL TEMPLE, was a profound teacher of the Word of God.

Bethel Fellowship International (BFI) has procured numerous copies of stenographic notes

Marguerite Hood

by Marguerite Hood, who lived in downtown Seattle at 606 Fischer Studios. Sister Hood sat under Pastor Offiler’s teachings and personally took the following detailed notes of his messages and sermons, most likely verbatim, in shorthand. She then typed them onto paper making what are now almost unheard of “carbon copies” on onion skin paper. What you see and read here are scanned copies of those original “onion skin carbon copies.”

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