Oct 162013

Bethel Temple CommemorationIn September 2003, Seattle’s Bethel Temple merged with The City Church in Kirkland, Washington. A special commemoration service for Bethel Temple was held at The City Church’s Belltown Campus eight months later on June 13, 2004. The almost two-hour video presentation of this memorable event is now made available here.

Many well-known men of God shared in detail the history and development of the former Bethel Temple pioneered by W. H. Offiler. Some of those who spoke in the service  that night have gone on to be with the Lord, including The City Church pioneer-pastor Wendall Smith, former Bethel Temple missionary to Indonesia Marian Patterson-Brodland, and a former Bethel Temple pastor C. J. McKnight.

Viewing the video will perhaps stir nostalgic memories and revitalize the heart. To view, simply click on the following link:

Bethel Temple Commemoration, June 13, 2004


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