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BFI would like to thank Tim BENTZ for the following downloaded photos from his FaceBook photo album titled Old Bethel Temple Photos. Many of us remember Bethel Chapel Mirror Lake Park in Federal Way, but the church has been renamed and is now called Bethel Christian Center of Federal Way.

Overseen by Pastors Dennis & Sue Austin, the former Bethel Temple Camp Grounds at Mirror Lake now not only includes the church building, but the K-12 Life Academy of Puget Sound and the Bethel Christian Center Daycare Center for children from infant to twelve years old.

The following two photos highlight the dedication of the then Bethel Chapel at Mirror Lake on October 21, 1963.

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Jan 022018

Dedication Services of the NEW BETHEL TEMPLE

Seattle Times, May ** date unreadable.

** notes unreadable print

Far-left column reads:

Pastor W. H. Offiler was called to the pastorate of Bethel Temple in 1914. At that time the Bethel Temple was known as the Pine St. Mission. A continuous revival of spiritual power was in constant  progress the ** following years.

Pastor Offiler has operated the Bethel Temple Bible School and has graduated several hundred Ministers, Pastors, Evangelists, Bible Teachers and more than ** hundred missionaries all ordained for the  Foreign Missionary work. The Missionaries have labored in all parts of the world: New **, Borneo, Sumatra, Celebes, **, Java, **, China, Japan, Africa, British West Indies, South America, British India and Alaska. The ministry from Bethel Temple has reached around the world.

Pastor Offiler also built the Bethel Temple Gospel Park, Mirror Lake, Washington for a great Evangelical Camp Meeting grounds. More than one hundred cottages have been built, and homes have been provided for the aged pensioners.

A great Tabernacle seating two thousand people has been built, a large dining hall and a great park set aside for the enjoyment of the people. A resident pastor is maintained on the park grounds at all times.

The Bethel Temple Gospel Park is the finest camp grounds in the west.

For more than twenty years Pastor Offiler has been on the air in a great Radio Ministry. He broadcasts from Bethel Temple daily and Sunday. His constant subject on the air is “God and His Bible.”

This is the thirtieth year of ministry as Pastor of Bethel Temple’s congregation.

Hundreds of congregations and assemblies have been established in Dutch East Indies.

Pastor Offiler is the author of several books, and a prolific writer on Bible subjects. He is also the editor of the “Pentecostal Power” which he has sent out for twenty-five years.

—W. H. OFFILER, Pastor

Far-right column reads:

HON. W. F. DEVIN, Mayor of Seattle


Dedication Week will be prefaced by a great meeting Saturday, at 7:45 P.M. with the Bible Crusaders and

FIRST MATE BOB of the Haven of Rest Radio Program

Dedication services will continue Tuesday and every evening throughout the week at 7:45 conducted by

REV. ARNE VICK of Hollywood, Calif.

Following the Dedicatory services a continuous program of Evangelism, Bible teaching, Bible school and general Gospel work will be carried on.

RADIO SERVICES are held daily over station KRBC at 7:00 A.M. and on Sundays at 9:30 A.M.

All ** work on the great auditorium has been done by Pastor Offiler and the Bethel Temple Congregation. The ladies deserve special mention for the wonderful work they have done in upholstering the leather covered pews and painting and decorating this great Gospel Tabernacle.

The Bethel Temple will have one of the finest pipe organs in the Northwest.

W. W. PATTERSON, Asst. Pastor


Click this link to read about the pipe organ’s history and its dismantling from old Bethel Temple, plus what happened to the original building that housed Bethel Temple for decades.

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Dec 302017
History (pronounced his-tuh-ree, his-tree) is defined as 1) the branch of knowledge dealing with past events; 2)  a continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to particular people, country, period, person, etc., usually written as chronological account; and 3) the aggregate of past events. BFI has come upon a couple of photo items from out of the “historical” past.

From Federal Way News archives, the above photo gives record of W. H Offiler’s purchase of 55 acres of property at Mirror Lake. It was know in those days as Bethel Gospel Park.

Our second photo from almost 70 years ago was submitted as “Courtesy Bonnie Branner” (possibly Brannen). It shows attendees of the Bethel Gospel Park Camp Meeting in July 1948, as they pose sitting in front of the old Tabernacle, which is no longer standing.

Mirror Lake Gospel Park is still active today, but is known these days as Federal Way’s Bethel Christian Center, formerly Bethel Chapel. 


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Oct 032017

We would like to extend our gratitude to Christian Faith Center in Federal Way for the use of their facilities on Saturday, September 23, to celebrate the life of Bethel Fellowship International’s President and Chairman Floyd Earlywine, who passed away suddenly on September 9, 2017, in Wenatchee, WA.

For many who wanted to attend the celebration but could not, Christian Faith Center provided a video presentation of the celebration to the Earlywine family. They have given us permission to share 2-hour 30-minute video here on the BFI website. 

Your continued prayers for the Earlywine Family’s comfort and consolation are greatly appreciated.



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