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timkarenBENTZThe following black and while photographs of W H Offiler’s funeral were received from Tim Bentz, whose uncle was a Bethel minister named Larry Bentz. Larry sent the pictures to his nephew and he forwarded them to us.

Tim is pictured here with his wife, Karen, at a recent sporting event. We want to thank Tim for allowing BFI to include these photos in its archives.

After viewing the first few photos here, there are several others that will surely interest you.


Old Bethel Temple at the familiar corner of 2nd Avenue & Lenora in downtown Seattle.

OffilerFuneral2W H Offiler Funeral, October 3, 1957 at Bethel Temple. Notice the neon signs that emphasized the teaching of the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the LORD Jesus Christ and confirmed by the signs of the Sun (Father), Moon (Son) and Stars (Holy Spirit). In later years of Bethel Temple these signs were hidden under ceiling-to-floor curtains.


 Thursday, October 3, 1957, leaving the church for procession to Mt. Pleasant.

Left side front to rear: Jim Apple, Mayo McPherson, Eric Benton, Jim Reetz, Brother Washburn, Carl Johanson, Brother Lambert, Brother West, Walter Lamb.

Right side front to rear: W W Patterson, Eric Anderson, Jim Downs, Home Undertaking Co. Funeral Director, Don Miller, Johnny Phillips.

According to the Seattle Times obituary dated October 1, 1957, burial was at Mount Pleasant. It was noted that Brother Offiler pioneered the missionary movement in the East Indies, now Indonesia, where he helped organize more than 300 mission churches there.

The Pentecostal Church of Indonesia (Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia) which had its beginnings by missionaries sent out from Bethel Temple under Offiler’s leadership, today numbers more than 10,000 congregations.

Other photographs Tim included in the collection follow here —


Left to right on the platform: W W Patterson, C J McKnight and Brother Apple. Far right unknown. Mary Beth Frazier far left choir.


Brother Apple ministering the Word.


Everett & Leaorpha Earlywine were pastors at Bethel Tabernacle in Carnation WA.

W W Patterson (center) and Indonesian brethren in July, 1955.

Brother W W Patterson with two visiting Indonesian brethren in July, 1955.

L to R: Mildred & James Apple, Norma & Mayo McPhersonLeft to right are Mildred and Jim Apple, Norma & Mayo MacPherson standing in front of the old Tabernacle at Mirror Lake Park.


Jim & Mildred Apple posing in front of the Old Tabernacle at Mirror Lake Park.


Brother Apple and Brother Offiler pose at the Mirror Lake Camp Ground.

Bethel Temple Bible School Class of 1959

Bethel Temple Bible School Class of 1959.


Pastor and Mrs. Offiler standing in front of Bethel Temple at 2nd Avenue & Lenora.

C J & Jeanne McKnight

Jean & Joe McKnight

We appreciate these photographs very much and want to thank Tim Bentz again for his sending them to us for archival preservation. —end

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