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pastorBFI recently obtained a complete PDF copy of a Bethel Temple publication created by W H Offiler in January 1935 from Pastor Yoshio TSUZAKA of the Fussa Bethel Church in Japan. Tsuzaka’s pastor was former Bethel Temple missionary to Japan Clyde BADE. Before Clyde retired and returned to the United States, he set up what is now the JAPAN BETHEL MISSION (JBM), which Tsuzaka heads now. JBM consists of four well-established Bethel churches in Japan: Fussa Bethel, Kurume Bethel, Munakata Bethel and Rikuzen Takada Bethel.

The publication in the link below details the missionary vision and the efforts of those early years of the Bethel Temple membership to reach beyond its walls to “The Uttermost Parts of the Earth.” You will find many old black and white photos of Bethel missionaries’ work in Indonesia throughout the publication. Indeed it is astounding just how big this missionary vision was.

It has been said that Bethel Temple sent missionaries to not only to the islands of Indonesia, but to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Formosa (present-day Taiwan), Pakistan, Nepal, India, Africa, Europe, South America and even Alaska many years before it became a state in 1959.

We encourage you to take time to read through the entire mini-magazine newsletter to find out just how far-reaching Bethel Temple’s missionary vision was way back in 1935. Some of the headlines in the publication are listed below.


—And Inspiring Sight!

—Advertisement of new book, The MAJESTY of the SYMBOL

—Onward to Borneo!! Seattle’s Greatest Missionary Celebration

—All Aboard

—Making Melody

—Borneo For Christ! by Arland Wasell

—Soldiers of the Cross

—Water Baptism in Java

—Old Favorites

—The Early and Latter Rains by W H Offiler

—My Father’s Business

—A New Field “BRAZIL”

—The Home Coming

—Honored Memory

—The Radio Ministry

—The Seven Churches

—Broadcasting the Message

—Back Page Advertisement for Radio KXA

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