Oct 312014

Bethel Fellowship International has received a note and a few photos from former Missionary Kid (MK) Ruth Askew Edwards, daughter of former Bethel Temple missionaries to Japan Manfred and Hope Askew. Ruth said, “Our son, Ron, is restoring some old photos from Mom & Dad’s negatives.”


Two of the photos were shot inside Bethel Temple during what looks like a farewell service for the Askews. They can be seen on the platform in the closeup photo below with Pastor Offiler standing behind the pulpit, his wife, Brother W W Patterson, his wife, Gladys,  in the choir loft sitting next to a woman who looks like Wilda Bade. Common to that day of fashion in church services most women wore hats as you can see. These pictures were taken in 1951. The one of the Askew Family was taken as they were preparing to leave for Japan in 1951.





Askew family

Photographs preserve history. BFI appreciates those of you who have helped add to the historical archives of Bethel Temple.

























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