Dec 102014

slingstonesAre you still wondering what Christmas gift would be good for your pastor, brodlandhusband or a Bible school student of the Word? Well, we have a great suggestion. SLINGSTONES, Comparative Studies For Your Arsenal by Robert “Bob” Brodland.

Bob and his wife, Marian, were Bethel Temple missionaries to Indonesia spending over 38 years overseeing the Batu Bible school in East Java. Thousands of native Indonesian students graduated from the school returning to their native villages equipped with the Word of God to pioneer countless churches throughout the nation.

Bob and his wife pastored Bethel Temple from 1986 through 1992. Since then Bob has actively ministered in places around the world including Holland, Norway, Russia, China, Mexico, Mongolia, Cambodia, Burma, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and many islands of Indonesia.

Brother Brodland has devoted his life to the study of God’s Word. This can be seen as one reads this inspiring book of truths from the Bible.

An easy-to-read book, SLINGSTONES will make a wonderful gift to anyone who is actively involved in their church, especially a pastor, elder, deacon, husband-wife team or young adult. The studies make for great morning devotional reads.

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