Feb 082015

G&LBarnesBFI has received a request from Cordova, Alaska to please pray for Little Chapel’s Pastor Gary Barnes who has suffered a series of small strokes. The initial request came from Michele Fisher:

Gary is at Providence in Anchorage. Medevac last Thursday (February 5). Stroke. He is doing better. He regained feeling in left side and arm. Speech is thick, but easily understood. His (blood) sugars are being affected and they are trying to figure out what to do about the clots that go up and cause the strokes. He has plaque buildup at the base of his skull that seems to be breaking off. 

In an update from Gary’s mother-in-law, Leona Olsen, late Saturday night Gary was doing much better. She said Gary would probably be released from the hospital some time early next week and return to Cordova.

Gary has been a Type 1 diabetic since about age 11.He and his wife, LaRue, have been pastoring Cordova’s Little Chapel for the past thirty or so years.

Please remember Pastor Gary in prayer as the Lord brings him to your remembrance.

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