Jul 212015

Our friend, Dr. Jay ZINN sends this link and asks to please watch. We realise that video links are easy to click-on, but when one sees the length of the video, many click-off and don’t watch. This is simply a MUST-WATCH.

Screen Shot 05-04-15 at 03.18 PMJay writes, “Please listen to this incredible presentation by Leticia Hashem. She spoke at her church this year about “America—A City on a Hill.” It will deeply touch your heart to learn how God had (and still has) a destiny for our country. At the end of her message, she presents a short video of an Australian pastor appealing to the nations to pray for America. You will learn how important America is and has been to other nations and why it’s critical to them that our present spiritual and moral condition is reversed. America’s existence today impacts all the nations of the world. Her demise, will become the demise of others. All things good and honorable and just in this world will crumble if America’s lamp goes out.”

Seriously ― we ask that you please, please take the 58:49 minutes and watch together with your husband, wife, and children. To the very end of the video many have been riveted to the screen in awe of the historical facts. It may very easily bring you to tears and immediate prayer for our country.

Click here to watch“America—A City on a Hill”

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