Aug 212015

Will there be a September Collapse? Who knows? What should we do? Jay Zinn gives an excellent perspective.

Many have been hearing about the secular predictions of an economic collapse coming in September. Should we be concerned? Of course. But as I quoted Kevin Connor in my recently released book, Countdown to Eternity, “Only history proves prophecy.” Which also applies to secular predictions. Could it happen in September? It’s possible, but so did it seem possible that Y2K was going to shut down the world through a global computer malfunction. Books, predictions, computer experts, bible prophecy scholars, all seemed to predict Y2K was the end. People stored up food and spent money on all types of preparations. It spoiled in their basements. Then there was the Mayan Calendar prediction. Taken less seriously, but people still wondered. Like Y2K, both came and went. Now there’s the four blood moons prediction and I predict it will come and go like the other two I mentioned. Not fulfilling what has been hyped about it.

I believe a global economic collapse has the potential to happen at anytime whether the signs are there or not. And if it comes, there’s not a thing we can do to prepare for it, no more than you could prepare for the prediction of an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale. It hits, changes lives and lifestyles in one day. Then you pick up the debris, accept the losses, and rise up to overcome and adjust with God’s help.

Judgment is inevitable and is an act of God’s mercy when it comes, because it will turn many back to Him. We can only deal with today, occupy until Jesus comes today, and take Christ’s advice: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.” This is how I’m preparing for the future, good or bad. I strengthen and practice intimacy with God on a daily basis. Not perfect at it, but consistent in it. Then I stay focused on his assignment for my life…today. As long as I am about my Father’s business…today, and the next day, and the day after that…he’ll take care of my life in the good times and the bad.

Bible history proves that whenever God judges a nation, by whatever means he chooses, his people live among them to be lights in a time of despair. No matter what’s ahead, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He knows the numbers of the hair on my head, feeds and shelters me faithfully every day, and that won’t change in the future. Times of great harvest are ahead of us. And an awakening, a revival occurring in a nation that God is dealing with, is always preceded by corruption that brings on a national crisis, the people cry out to God, and his people rise up as one voice to share the good news of hope, peace, and love through a relationship with Christ. Have your way, O, Lord! In this nation and in your church! Amen. -Jay Zinn

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