May 102016

The following short video film of now deceased BFI missionaries Mike HANAS and Clyde BADE was shot in 1989 during a trip Bade made with Japanese pastor Yoshio TSUZAKA of Fussa Bethel Christ Church in Tokyo to Irian Jaya to see the Biak Bible School and the missionary work in which Mike & Mae Hanas were involved for so many years.

In the video you will see the Biak Bible School grounds, Mike translating for Clyde during a meeting, boarding an airplane, boating up a river into the jungle and what looks like bartering with Irian Jaya aborigines for souvenir weapons.

Noticing the small red flag on the map in the upper left corner, you can see where the small island of Biak is located in Indonesia’s Irian Jaya, the western half of Papua New Guinea.


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