May 202016

All  BFI credentialed and licensed ministers’ membership cards will be expiring on June 30th. After payment is received by BFI, new cards will be issued, expiring in June, the following year.

Prices include: $50.00 per individual (single), or $75.00 per (married) couple. Please note that persons over 65 years of age, and missionaries are FREE.

Please make a PAYMENT DUE by June 30 note of this announcement on your calendars in order to clear your account by the expiration date.

There are three payment options from which one can choose.

  1. Mail your check payable to Bethel Fellowship Int’l and sending it to: Bethel Fellowship Int’l, c/o El Tora CABE, 1121 244th St SW #27, Bothell WA 98021. Please be sure to MEMO it for BFI credentials. OR . . .
  2. For your convenience, we recommend the PayPal option below.

Renewal Options – Please Select

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