Nov 052012

History has a beginning. Many cannot remember the beginning of Kurume Bethel Christ Church, but fifty years ago God moved in the heart of someone to step out and begin this church. Kurume Bethel today is the result of its pioneers obeying the voice of Godʼs Spirit.

Over the years of Kurume Bethelʼs history, there have been many, many people whose lives have been introduced to Jesus Christ; whose lives have been changed by the love and patience of God shown to them by the churchʼs pioneers, pastors, and believers.

We thank God for the pioneers. They are the ones who came to Kurume and began tilling the ground by studying Japanese so they could build relationships with people in their own language. The pioneers invited people into their home, and planted the love of God into their hearts. They watered the seed of Godʼs love with tears, lots of prayer and patience. There were perhaps many times the pioneers became discouraged, but the Holy Spirit refreshed them and gave them His hope that Japan will see the Glory of God!

Former Bethel Fellowship International missionaries George and Mary Beth Frazier were pioneers. Countless people have learned many things under their leadership.

George was a builder. He could build anything. He envisioned the way buildings for the church could look, and then he would get the material and build it. George Frazier was never afraid to get close to people. He touched peopleʼs lives with his persistence and “stick-to-it” personality when he did street-side, and door-to-door evangelism. He knew the peopleʼs language which broke down communication barriers. George always encouraged people to learn. One of his expressions of guidance was: “Youʼll see evil things, but donʼt let your mind dwell on them.”

His wife, Mary Beth ministered to countless Japanese women by sharing with them knowledge and principles of the home and family. She shared how to keep a home, raise children, cook, and have fun. George and Mary Beth were a team. As a result their spiritual children and grand-children are numerous.

Memories keep history alive! Keep your history alive by sharing your memories with your children.

The video below was created last month by Japan’s Kurume Bethel Christ Church in celebration of its 50th year. By watching it you will see only a glimpse of the pioneer work of BFI’s pioneer missionaries GEORGE  and MARY BETH FRAZIER.

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