May 212013

wwpattersonBFI has obtained two audio recordings of former Bethel Temple Pastor/Teacher W. W. Patterson. The recordings are from 1979-1980 during his retirement years when he taught mid-week Bible studies in the Book of Revelation at Mirror Lake’s Bethel Chapel. Originally recorded on old audio cassettes, they have been preserved here in mp3 format.

When he retired from the pastorate of old Bethel Temple in September 1948, W. H. Offiler appointed Patterson to succeed him as the lead pastor. The following quote is taken from ABOUT W. H. OFFILER on this website.

Then in 1948, at age seventy-three, Pastor Offiler felt it was time for a younger man to take the first-place position in the church, and he turned Bethel Temple over to Brother Patterson. He retained the position of president of the corporation and sat on the platform during services. He wrote for Pentecostal Power and was still active in the camp meetings. But he gave Brother Patterson a free hand. In fact, some years earlier, in Bethel Temple one Sunday afternoon, Pastor Offiler had called Brother Patterson’s name and said, quite abruptly and with no forewarning, “Come forward.” Then he said to the congregation, “If anything happens to me, this young man takes over.” Then he had him kneel down and had hands laid on him.

The Pattersons had been sent as missionaries to the Dutch East Indies in 1934 and stayed until World War II forced their leaving. They had returned to Indonesia in 1947 and were still there when Pastor Offiler asked them to come back to take over the church. 

Brother Patterson was a teacher of the Word specializing in studies on the Holy Spirit and the Book of Revelation. The Word of God taught by Brother Patterson was easily understood by those who sat and learned under his ministry. In his weekly Bible studies at Mirror Lake Patterson was known to say, “The Bible is more up-to-date than tomorrow morning’s Post Intelligencer.”

Current End-time Events, March 18, 1979 (48:36)

Vision of the Four Beasts, January 30, 1980 (46:46) 

You might also be interested in accessing Brother Patterson’s 24-page booklet titled: Speaking in Tongues — Sign and Gift in an easy-to-download pdf file by clicking on the link in this sentence.


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