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BFI is in the process of preparing W. H. Offiler’s 1946 publication GOD AND HIS BIBLE or the HARMONIES OF DIVINE REVELATION to be uploaded in pdf format for easy access. The work is tedious, but it will certainly be a wonderful tool for personal, as well as group Bible studies. We highly recommend it. Look forward to this upcoming addition to the BETHEL BOOK ROOM.

In preparing the manuscript, we have noticed an unusual number of what people today would think were unnecessary commas. However, we think their presence in the writings actually reveal Brother Offiler’s way of speaking, as if he were actually speaking the words as he was writing. You can listen to Brother Offiler’s way of speaking in a 1945 audio recording of an old Bethel Temple Radio Broadcast here. You will notice the “comma-pauses” in his delivery. Click here to listen.

We would like to share one chapter of Offiler’s book on a very relevant subject for the days in which we live. Please take time to read through his study and comments on


THE antichrist, is both a spirit and a man. 1st Jn. 2:18 “Little children ye have heard that antichrist shall come” . . . “even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time” Antichrist is a “last time” human character, that is, he is to be revealed in all the fullness of his diabolic power.

The spirit of the antichrist is abroad today, everywhere. In one form or another this evil spirit is manifested, and in some cases whole nations are opposed to the Revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this is that “spirit of antichrist” whereof ye have heard.

Today we see the subtle workings of this spirit to wean man away from all thoughts of God, and to prepare the way for the coming for that Son of Perdition, who is to dominate the whole earth in the closing days of time. He will be the last dictator ruler this world will ever see, and for this we are thankful. The spirit of the antichrist in its final revelation will be a spirit that is anti Father, anti Son, and anti to the blessed Holy Ghost — The satanic trinity!

The eyes of the world have always looked in the wrong direction for this last times manifestation of the Man of Sin. Faulty bible teaching is responsible for this condition. Bible students have been taught to look for some wicked king, or some world dictator with satanic characteristics, such as those who have just met their ignominious and scornful end. These teachers have played with these names of men, or kings, who, one by one have disappeared from the scene of action, proving the teachings to be wrong, as also their writings and publications.

Antichrist is prophetically shadowed, and typified, in both testaments. He is never symbolized by any king, or potentate, neither in Daniel or any other of the books of the Bible. He will be the last ruling dictator the world will ever want to see. The source of the antichrist is always to be discovered in those positions closest to God, to His Son, and to family, and to His Church.

Satan was once an Archangel, Lucifer, and the archangelic realm was next to the Throne of God. There were twelve archangels, and it is among the prophetic twelves of the bible that this monstrous traitor is discovered. Jacob had twelve sons, from whom all the tribes of Israel came. One of these sons was a traitor to the sanctity of his father’s couch, and home . . . Reuben, the firstborn of Jacob, sinned a great sin, a presumptuous sin, and was rejected in Israel as far as the inheritance of the Birthright blessing was concerned. This blessing was transferred to Joseph, and inherited by Ephraim, and Manasseh, the two sons who were born to Joseph . . . the rejected one . . . in Egypt.

The New Testament example is found in the Twelve disciples, who later were to become the apostles of our Lord. “I have chosen you twelve, and one of you is the devil,” Jn. 6:70. You have often wondered why Jesus deliberately chose one who was, the devil. Jesus had no recourse, he had to choose one who was the devil, in order to fulfill, in antitypical manner, that which had gone before. There can be no question of the anti-christal spirit in Judas, he betrayed the Son of God.

Antichrist is the “Son of perdition” 2nd Thess. 2:3-12. The Son of Satan, the embodiment of all that is unclean and satanic. He will have universal dominion, and will be supported by the ten kings, or governments, they unite in making him the supreme ruler of the earth, for 1260 days, or the three and a half years of time, prior to the coming of the Lord from Heaven.

He does not come seven years before the end of the age, but from the time of his coming up to rule the world, until he is cast into the abyss, is but forty-two months, see Rev. 13:5. Thus, the idea that the antichrist comes seven years before the end, and makes a covenant with the Jews, and, then breaks that covenant after three and a half years, falls to the ground, he does not come into his power until Satan is cast from the heavenlies, Rev 12:9, 10, 11, 12, and comes down to the earth, having great wrath, because he knows that his time is short, and all this mighty operation is at the beginning of the great tribulation, and the great tribulation time is the last 3 1/2 years prior to the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, who, at his coming, destroys all flesh, with the brightness of His Coming. 2nd Thess. 1:7-10.

To take the number, name, or mark of the anti-christal beast is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost and has no forgiveness, either in this world or the next! Therefore watch your step. Walk with God. Refuse all fellowship with sin, and the Lord of Glory will see you safely through.

As before remarked, the antichrist comes from one or the other of the twelves of the Bible. The shadows we have shown, as they appear in both testaments. The antitypical revelation of this awful being, which is yet future, is discovered in the last book of the Bible. The Book of Revelation.

In Rev. 12:1-17, is found the revealed mystery of the Perfected Church. The church of the last days. The woman clothed with the Sun, and with the Moon under her feet, and crowned with a diadem of twelve Stars — great with child, a married woman, the Bride of the Lamb, the Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ, the wedding consummated, the Man-child born, and snatched up to God and to His Throne — is the church perfected, and represents the Finished mystery of God. Rev. 10:7

wolf-572x368At the head of the Woman, the Church, are twelve stars, Rev. 12:1. These stars are twelve men — apostles — of our Lord. Appointed by him to lead the church to its final ministry, and to its final victory. As one of the first twelve was a devil and betrayed his Lord, so one of this last twelve will likewise fall, betray his Lord, sell out to the devil, and become the recipient of all the power of Satan, 2 Thess. 2:3-11. Read it!

The falling star of Rev. 9:1 is this last day traitor, and to him is given all the power of Satan together with the keys of the abyss, and this is the last act of the great falling away! The place of Reuben was filled among the patriarchs, Gen. 48:5. The place of Judas was filled, Acts 1:15,26, and Jesus later appointed the man of His Choice, Paul, Acts 9:1-22.

The Twelve apostles of the Early Church, and the Twelve apostles of the last, or perfected church, constitute the Four and twenty elders, which sit upon the Four and Twenty Thrones, having Crowns of Gold, and raiment of pure white, as they worship God. Rev. 4:1-11. This is the order of worship as ordained of God, during the Thousand Year Reign of the Christ on the earth.

“Little Children ye have heard that antichrist shall come,” 1st Jn. 2:18. Rev. 13:

First — the Beast.

Second — Horns, representatives of power.

Third — Crowns or Diadems . . . Royalty.

Fourth — A throne and great authority.

Fifth — Controls buying and selling.

Sixth — Slays all who will not bow to him.

Seventh — Exercises universal dominion.

Assumes power at the beginning of the Tribulation.

Continues for the full period of the Tribulation.

He is world power in final consummation.

He is upheld by ten governments, or kings.

The antichrist is an individual — one.

Holds sway for 1260 days. Forty-two months. Time, times, and half-a-time.

A supernatural personage. Satan incarnate.

The son of perdition. 2nd Thess. 2nd Chap.

He is anti-God. Antichrist. Anti-spirit. Opposes all deity. Opposed to all things divine.

He is the Man of Sin. Working signs and lying wonders.

He is the embodiment of Blasphemy. Rev. 13.

The instrument that Satan uses in the persecution of the Church. The religious element is the most powerful trait in humanity.

A colossal deceiver. None but those filled with the spirit of Christ will be able to discern him.

A terrific confusion in the interpretation of this antichrist.

The Beast — Satan incarnated. The false prophet — his all human representative.

Shadows of the antichrist. The twelve sons of Jacob. The fallen one — Reuben. The lost birthright.

The twelve apostles of Christ. The fallen one — Judas.

The twelve stars at the head of the woman, Rev. 12. The fallen star. Rev. 9:1.

The great “falling away.” The falling star! Reuben “fell.” Judas by transgression “Fell.”

He doeth great miracles, Rev. 13:13,14.

Comes with all power and signs and lying wonders.

It is real satanic supernatural power.

Fire from heaven. Refer to Elijah. Sodom, etc.


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