Jun 122014

Bethel Fellowship International (BFI) has received  some very old Bethel Temple radio broadcasts from some sixty years ago. They were submitted by Bob Reetz. Reetz said, “The broadcasts are from around 1954. There is singing and organ playing on different tracks, but I do not know who the performers are except that the radio broadcasts may identify the singers.” There is some audio disturbance in certain parts of the recordings, but it disappears very soon. Please enjoy taking a few minutes to travel back some sixty years into Old Bethel Temple’s Radio Broadcast.

broapple04-1 1) In the first recording, Bethel Temple Pastor James M. Apple introduces W. H. Offiler who invites listeners to come out to Bethel Gospel Park at Mirror Lake (in Federal Way) for the annual Camp Meeting. You will enjoy hearing the quite unique voice of Bethel’s founder as he promotes the annual event.

2) The second recording has Brother Apple preaching like only he could. He speaks a powerful mini-message for a few minutes from Proverbs 20:9, “Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?” 

3) The third recording is about 17 minutes in length and includes several songs by Bethel Temple Radio Singers with organ and instrumental background music.

wwp30Pastor W. W. Patterson also promotes the daily Bethel Temple Bible School and the Monday night school. He also announces the Sunday services, which will surprise many of you. The church was busy with services and Bible studies from morning to late Sunday evenings. Lastly, Brother Patterson introduces Evangelist Fred Steinman who speaks for a very short time before the audio ends.

(Side note: Brother Apple once said, “Treat your wives like thoroughbreds and they won’t NAG.”)

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